quinta-feira, 27 de outubro de 2016


Esta exposição tem me proporcionado inúmeras alegrias.
Muitas além das que previ, esperei, sonhei.
Dentre elas, receber a reportagem da TV Campos de Minas. 

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  1. Although I can not understand exactly what you are saying it was still wonderful to hear your voice and the enthusiasm you have for your work . THanks for sharing this video. Hugs Sheila

    1. My friend. I apologize for English by google translator
      I say that this exhibition is about landscapes of Minas Gerais. very close to places of "São João del Rei" (my city). They are simple landscapes that we look out the car window. They are that little vegatação the roadside, a small fence, small hills and fields in the background. They are memories of small trips I usually photograph because I like a lot of these simple landscapes. the picture is transformed into an embroidery design. Sometimes I play by swapping a tree or elsewhere element, mixing landscapes. most are heart souvenirs.
      When I smile I'm talking about the display name. I say I'm a fan of the singer Almir Satter. It has a music called "Roads take me." This song speaks of a break and the paths lead him to good places. I put the name "Points lead us" because the points of each embroidery took me in the ways of good memories and because I want the embroidery stitches lead many people to see them in there Taberna D'Omar.
      The reporter explained that I had the inspiration to make this work came from afar. I explain that I have seen this kind of work with the ladies of Canada. I tell that I was charmed with this type of embroidery and was researching how to do. I discovered it was a very old technique used by my mother and my grandmother.
      I tell you today my embroidery is much like Canada's ladies and landscapes is that they are different.
      The reporter informs this work is done here in São João del Rei. I confirm saying that they are local product I make these pictures in my workshop which is located in the middle of trees birds singing my dog ​​around.

  2. Beleza! Parabéns e que venham mais e mais sucessos! bjs, chica

  3. Parabéns muito sucesso querida amiga ,beijinhos felicidades

  4. I completely agree with Sheila, it was wonderful to see you and hear your voice. Thanks for the translation.


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